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Defense of Javier Alonso's thesis

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On february 21st, Javier Alonso will defend his Ph.D. thesis "Proactive Software Rejuvenation solution for web environments on virtualized platforms", directed by Jordi Torres (Department of Computer Architecture and Barcelona Supercomputing Center) and Ricard Gavaldà (LARCA group).

The work presented in this thesis aims to offer a proactive and predictive software rejuvenation solution for Internet Services against software aging caused by resource exhaustion. It presents: 1. a threshold based proactive rejuvenation to avoid the consequences of software aging, 2. a 

Machine Learning baed to to overcome the weaknesses of our the approach, and 3. a mathematical programming extension of the previous approach to efficiently manage virtualized data centers.

Place: Department of Computer Architecture, room C6-E03.
Time: 17:00
last modified : May 2011


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