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  • Name: Tomàs Aluja-Banet
  • Affiliation: Associate Professor of the UPC
  • Address: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
    Campus Nord C5204.
    c. Jordi Girona 1-3. 0803 Barcelona.
    Tel +34934017036. Fax +34934015855.
  • Main research interests:

    Tomàs Aluja has been professor of statistics and data analysis of the UPC since 1983, former director of the Department. of Statistics and Operations Research, also he served as vice-dean of Statistics in the Mathematics and Statistics Faculty. and vice-dean for Corporate Relations of the Barcelona School of Informatics. He has been a member of the Scientific Committees of several international Conferences, in particular COMPSTAT congresses, organized by the IASC, where he has been chairman of the European Regional Section from 2006-2008. At present he is member of the ISI-IASC Committee on Computational Statistics and data Mining for Knowledge Discovery. His research interests include methodological aspects of Multivariate Analysis, segmentation trees, data fusion, PLS path models with their software implementation. He is author of 65 articles, published in scientific reviews or as a chapter of two books, one on Principal Components Analysis and another on PATHMOX segmentation for PLS-PM modeling. He usually teaches courses of Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining. He has partner in several european and spanish projects in the field of statistical data bases and data fusion.  He has been statistical consultant of La Caixa, TNS-Sofres AM, Idescat and the City Council of Barcelona among others.

  • Publications: resolveuid/db95849805a9b1e62d86b3e7000fd7b0
  • Data Mining course:
last modified : June 2012
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