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Development of instruments and methods to measure electromagnetic fields in the near-field region in closed or semi-closed environments. Application to the electromagnetic compatibility of automotive vehicles.

Founding Body: CICYT-FEDER

Collaborators: UPC, LEAR, LGAI

From/To: 1998/2000

Electronic subsystems and digital buses are now present in most commercial automotive vehicles. Its presence will be increments in the next few years. Electromagnetic Compatibility is an important issue because it affects the safety of the vehicle. The manufacturers of parts must usually comply with requirements issued by the vehicle manufacturers, which are in most cases arbitrary. It is essential to know the values of the electric and magnetic fields inside vehicles. To obtain those fields it is necessary to develop an electric/magnetic field probe able to give field measurements for specific frequencies. That is the goal of the project proposed. It is also necessary to develop a link between the probe and the acquisition system that is no affected by electromagnetic fields. We also intend to measure those fields, once the probe is finished and calibrated, inside a typical vehicle with a high level of electronic subsystems and in different situations, which include road tests and also measurements in an anechoic chamber.