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COST 286


COST 286
EMC in difussed comunication systems.

Founding Body: EU RTD – ESF

Collaborators: 15 EU countries

From/To: 2002/2006

The main objective of the Action is to encourage and co-ordinate research into the means by which the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Diffused Communications Systems can be ensured at the design stage through appropriate design and assessment stratagem. Electronic systems falling into the category of ‘diffused communications systems’ are manufactured by many companies within the European Union. The objectives of this action are to encourage and co-ordinate research into the means by which the EMC performance of such systems can be ensured at the design stage and assessed during the prototype and manufacturing phases of the systems lifetime. The research will include both practical hardware aspects and numerical modelling. These principal objectives will be achieved as follows and the success of the Action will be judged on the outcomes of the activities listed below.
The Action will undertake a census of current activities in this area and will aim to facilitate both further research as required and collaboration in research. A report of the census will be published at the end of the first year. An update on the census and the resulting collaborations will be reported annually to the TCT. The final census data will be included in the final report. Research is required into the EMC aspects of these emerging communications technologies. Enhanced design, operation and assessment guidelines will be the research outcomes. The results of this work will be published as workshop proceedings and a précis will be part of the final report.


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