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Electromagnetic Interferences in the Power Distribution on automotive vehicles. Analysis of the 42V PowerNet dual architecture.

Founding Body: MCyT

Collaborators: UPC, CIMNE, SEAT

From/To: 2001/2004

New electrical subsystems are planned to be on board of vehicles in a mid term. Also some mechanical systems will be substituted by new electrical ones. The electric power required will increase by a factor of ten compared with current vehicles, and these new requirements cannot be fulfilled with the 14 V DC electric system. Several international manufacturer’s consortiums have agreed to use a 42 V distribution system. However, both 14 V and 42 V will be simultaneously in use for a long period (10 years). Switched power converters will have to be used to transfer energy from one net to the other and severe electromagnetic compatibility problems have been foreseen. Most of these problems are expected to be related to the particular power distribution architecture of the vehicle, which is closely related to the global design of the prototype. The goal of the project is to develop a methodology, based upon electromagnetic simulation, that allow designers to know the behavior of the electric system, from a point of view of EMC, in an early design phase. In that way, when the first prototype will be built, there will be some guaranties that the dual network will perform correctly in that aspect. We also aim to define a methodology of measurement to assess the level oof electromagnetic emissions and the coupling to other vehicle subsystems. This methodology and the measurements associated will also be required to validate the computation tools and methods developed.