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Information for students

Are you interested in studying with us?

We will publish here offers for student projects related to our research. If you are interested, contact the proposing person directly.

These projects are typically final master theses, degree projects ("projectes de final de carrera", PFC), or academically supervised work ("treballs acadèmics dirigits", crèdits de lliure elecció).

If you are a student and are considering working with us, you are welcome to attend our seminar - ask us to include you in the seminar announcement list.

Current offers for student projects

  • Argimiro Arratia: Contact me if you want to do research in Financial Engineering, algorithms, econometric models, quantitative strategies for profiting in financial markets. I am currently (2016 onwards) interested in studying: 1) Forex market; 2) Measures of market liquidity; 3) Multiple Kernel Learning and applications to Finance. Type: PFC or Master. Programming skills: R or Python or C++ or great willingness to learn. Desirable background knowledge: Statistics and probability, stochastic processes, time series analysis, finance, econometrics.

Some recent theses and projects related to our research

Ph.D. Theses
  • Antonio Hernández Fernández:  Las leyes de la lingüística en los sistemas de comunicación. 2014. Advisor: Ramon Ferrer i Cancho.
  • Josep Lluís Berral: Improved Self-management of DataCenter Systems Applying Machine Learning. 2013. Advisors: Jordi Torres and Ricard Gavaldà
  • Borja Balle: Learning Finite-State Machines: Algorithmic and Statistical Aspects. 2013. Advisors: Jorge Castro and Ricard Gavaldà
  • Oriol Valentín-Fernández Gallart. Theory of Discontinuous Lambek Calculus. UAB, 2012. Advisor: Glyn Morrill
  • Javier Alonso: Proactive Software Rejuvenation solution for web environments on virtualized platforms. 2011. Advisors: Jordi Torres and Ricard Gavaldà
  • Mario Fadda: Geometry of grammar. Exercises in Lambek style. 2010. Advisor: G. Morrill.
  • Albert Bifet: Adaptive learning and mining for data streams and frequent patterns. 2009. Advisors: R. Gavaldà and J.L. Balcázar
  • Jaume Baixeries: Lattice characterization of Armstrong and symmetric dependencies. 2007. Advisor: J.L. Balcázar
  • Silvana Aciar: Information sources selection methodology for recommender systems based on intrinsic characteristics. 2007. Advisors: J. López and J.Ll. de la Rosa
  • Josep Pujol: Structure in artificial societies. 2006. Advisors: R. Sangüesa and J. Delgado
  • Gemma C. Garriga: Formal methods for mining structured objects. 2006. Advisor: J.L. Balcázar
Master Theses
  • Antonio Rodríguez. Data classification system for the citizens science platform Mosquito Alert. 2016. Advisors: Frederic Bartumeus (CEAB - CSIC) and Ricard Gavaldà.
  • Guillermo Navas-Palencia. Portfolio Credit Risk: Models and Numerical Methods. (2016). Advisor: Argimiro Arratia.
  • Ariel Duarte. Multiple Classifier Performance. 2015. Advisors: Marta Arias, Argimiro Arratia.
  • Diego Garcia-Olano. Construction and analysis of political networks over time via government and me. 2015. Advisors: Marta Arias, Josep Lluís Larriba.
  • Franz Enrique Bermeo Quezada. A comparative study of recommender algorithms for a gastronomic social network. 2015. Advisor: Marta Arias.
  • Caio Pimentel Séguin. Categorization of dolphin whistles. 2015. Advisors: Marta Arias, Ramon Ferrer-i-Cancho.
  • Francisco Andres Rodriguez Drumond. Mining parliamentary data and news to find collaborations between politicians and 3rd actors. 2015. Advisors: Marta Arias, Josep Lluís Larriba.
  • Mauricio Peña-Grass. Multivariate Dynamic Kernels for Financial Time Series Forecasting. 2015. Advisors: Argimiro Arratia, Lluís Belanche.
  • Joan Capdevila Pujol: Social Review-based Recommender Systems from Theory to Practice. 2014. Advisors: M. Arias and A. Arratia.
  • Gehlavij Mohammadi: Exploring linkages between international stock markets using Graphical Models for multivariate time series analysis. 2014. Advisor: A. Arratia.
  • Alberto Lumbreras: Towards trust-aware recommender systems. 2012. Advisor: R. Gavaldà
  • Ramon Xuriguera: Using Twitter as a source of information for time series prediction. 2012. Advisor: M. Arias and A. Arratia
  • Daniel Alonso i Alemany: Study of modularity in images. 2010. Advisor: M. Arias
  • Zhenyu Fang: Resource management on cloud systems with machine learning. 2010. Advisors: R. Gavaldà and J. Torres
  • Miquel Camprodon: Analysis of community structure in a young Internet domain. 2009. Advisors: J. Delgado and R. Gavaldà
  • Pau Vallès: Personalizing web search and crawling from clickstream data. 2009. Advisor: R. Gavaldà
  • Josep Lluis Berral: Distributed framework against flooding attacks based on machine learning. 2008. Advisors: Jordi Torres and R. Gavaldà
Research Related Final Degree Projects (PFC - TFG)
  • Manel Baradad Jurjo. Sistema per a l'anàlisi i visualització de dades mèdiques de l'Institut Català de la Salut. 2015. Advisors: Marta Arias, Ricard Gavaldà.
  • Joan Ginés I ametllé. Implementation of an agent-based model for studying the acquisition of language systems of logical constructions. 2015. Advisor: Josefina Sierra.
  • Sergio Martínez López: Diseño e implementación de un sistema de recomendaciones. 2014. Advisor: M. Arias
  • Martí Zamora: Desenvolupament d’un software per a l’estudi de dades de l’Institut Català de la Salut. 2014. Advisor: R. Gavaldà
  • Martí Mayo Casademont: Sistema d'analisi de dades de xarxes socials. 2013. Advisor: Marta Arias
  • Albert Santiago Boil: Mètode espectral per a l'aprenentatge de màquines d'estats. 2013. Advisors: Borja Balle and Jorge Castro
  • Albert Palau López: Solving NP problems with Oracle Coherence. 2013. Tutor: Ricard Gavaldà
  • Mario Llorente Lopez: Construcción automática de reglas de inversión utilizando programación genética. 2012. Advisor: A. Arratia
  • Massimo Quadrana: Methods for frequent pattern mining in data streams within the MOA system, 2012. Advisor: R. Gavaldà
  • Rafel Jaume: Domain adaptation for visual recognition. 2011. Advisor: A. Quattoni
  • Núria Bassols: A recommender system for conference attendants. 2011. Advisor: R. Gavaldà
  • Ramon Xuriguera: Bibtex bibliography index maker. 2010. Advisor: M. Arias
  • Antoni Aguiló: Stock investment portfolio management platform over JOOMLA. 2010. Advisor: A. Arratia
  • Jordi Roldán: Simulació i modelat d'entorns cloud per a experimentació amb machine learning. 2010. Advisor: J.Ll. Berral
  • Leonor Rib: Salambó Miner. 2009. Advisors: A. Buil and R. Gavaldà
  • Marina Conde: Programming Arduino from Squeak. 2009. Advisor: J. Delgado
  • Sergio Lara: A system for modelling data based on probabilistic automata. 2009. Advisors: J. Castro and R. Gavaldà
  • Fran Máñez and Davinia López: A dynamic weblog indexer. 2007. Advisor: R. Gavaldà