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This is the site of the UPC Research Group "Teoria de Nombres" (Number Theory).


We are part of the larger group Seminari de Teoria de Nombres de Barcelona. The research group known as Seminari de Teoria de Nombres de Barcelona (STNB) has been created over the past 30 years by Professor Pilar Bayer. Now, the group has about 35 members including professors, associate professors, research fellows and Ph.D. students.

Most members of the STNB carry their teaching and research activities in one of the Mathematics Departments of the three Catalan universities that have a Faculty of Mathematics: Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.


Due to administrative reasons and also to the specialisation into different research topics, the STNB is organised in three sections based on the different universities. The contact persons at the three universities are: Pilar Bayer (UB), Enric Nart (UAB) and Jordi Quer (UPC). In 1995 the STNB organised the 19th. edition of the Journées Arithmétiques.

One of the main tools for creating and training the group has been a seminar organised every academic year since 1986, and from which we adopted the name STNB that identifies us as a research group. See the page for more information on the seminar.


An overview of the research interests of the STNB and of its history can be found in Pilar Bayer's report Arithmetical problems in number fields, abelian varieties and modular forms, published in Contributions to Science 1 (1999) 125-145. Click here